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Rock: Acoustic rock, blues, and fusion
Razorburn  1775A short but powerful guitronica instrumental with a constantly shifting time signature and a middle eastern edge. This song was recently reviewed on Somethingawful.com. Also selected as the credit track for the indie movie "eight-ish. See the music video at http://youtube.com/watch?v=IaSnHZR0U0M.
Cruel Shoes  1724Instrumental breakbeat trip funk rock. Lots of interesting textures and guitar licks, and Matt Chamberlain-style drums. Samples during the breakdown are from the 1962 Herk Harvey movie "Carnival of Souls". Read the review at http://www.c0nsensus.com/reviewDetail.php?requestID=1235.
Blue Crush  1491Pre-release from Fireweed's upcoming album "Blue Crush."
Between Two Worlds  1314Pre-release from Fireweed's upcoming album "Blue Crush."
Double Talk  1473An open-feeling instrumental experiment in combining blues guitar with acoustic rock and vintage electronica.
Give In  1410Have you ever met someone and wanted them so badly you could taste it... and they felt the same way, but circumstances prevented you from fulfilling that desire? And then you fulfilled it anyway? That's what this song is about...
Helen Of Troy  1450This is a jazz/acoustic rock tune about a guy working up his courage to talk to a beautiful girl at a bar... and is surprised by the result.
Modern Day Folk Hero  1547A roots rock story of the life of those larger-than-life people we look up to.
Water From A Stone  1524Dark, sparse, anguish and ennui.
What Remains  1461Progressive rock: Michael Hedges meets Yes.
Get It On  1453Alt Country blues tune about every guy's favorite subject. This was also reviewed on Somethingawful.com. Ouch.
Tell Me  1499Spacious instrumental jazz, electric piano.
Over And Done  1390An acoustic rock song. The theme is triumph and reawakening.
Blue Funk  1443Instrumental funk rock, fast and hard.

Pure acoustic and vocals
Give In (acoustic)  1380The original acoustic version.
Light Go Down  1386Sad song written with a bittersweet smile... seeking acceptance of the end of a beautiful relationship.
Fairy Tale  1441A sad tune about the end of a fairy tale. This particular song also has piano, cello and a string section.
Do You Believe  1369Written to remind a friend, and myself, that we're not just random collections of chemicals.
I Can Still Fall  1424Very dark tune... written from the perspective of a victim of eating disorders.
Under A Clear Blue Sky  1367Written just after meeting someone who became very important to me - a short but sweet love song.

Instrumental solo guitar
Christmas In New York  1468It wasn't Christmas, and I wasn't in New York. Featured on the "Illudium Christmas Vol. 1" podcast album.
At Intervals  1429Slow, dark and sensual.
Anthem  1546Very upbeat, with odd chord progressions and backbeat rhythm.
Silly Grin  1439A happy, buoyant instrumental. People often tell me this is their favorite.
Grassy Knoll  1465Bluegrass played by someone on mind-altering drugs.
Mia  1467One of my favorites, written for an honored friend.
Balustrade  1253I decided to add some of my older acoustic tunes, all of which are demo quality. I'll be re-recording most of these this year. Knock yourself out, Edrie.
Parkway  1214I had completely forgotten about this one.
Tributary  1213A tribute to Michael Hedges. I wrote this shortly after his death in 1997. RIP, the world misses you.
Ocean Shores  1161This was written sitting on the beach at Ocean Shores, WA, watching the waves roll in.
I Know The Reason  1209Composed to help me deal with a difficult time in my life.
Epic Journey  1239I woke up in the middle of the night with this song playing in my head. I jumped out of bed, grabbed my guitar, and spent the rest of the night learning how to play this song, a gift from the dream fairies.
I Hold On  1218Kind of a sad song, but one that I still like years later.

Heavy Metal:
Heavy tunes, some instrumentals
Caging The Beast  1494Some tunes from my old metal band Alliance. Vocals and bass: Jay Woodward. Drums: Mike Csendes. I'm on the guitars, of course.
Betrayal  1398Alliance
Paralyzed  1335Alliance
True Desires  1357Alliance
Red Planet  1179Kind of a cool guitar rock song with some fun Satch touches.
Poor Poor Baby  1149This is the demo for a song I wrote for my now-defunct band The Vandalbots. I'll post the real version as soon as I'm done recording it.

Works In Progress:
Unfinished songs in a variety of genres
Not That Way  1465Working on lyrics... this is an acoustic rock tune with a dramatic intro.
Stranger Days  1389I wrote this song a few years ago, and still haven't been able to write lyrics.

Production Clients:
Client work from Sturm Und Drang Studios
Cigar Smoke (Rob Glenn)  1426 
Dim Lantern Light (Rob Glenn)  1501 
Grey Shades of War (Rob Glenn)  1345 
White Star (Rob Glenn)  1373 

All work except "Production Clients" category Copyright 2009 Kelley Vice
All songs except "Production Clients" category written, performed and produced by Kelley Vice and/or John Enga


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