Just started a new blog at http://murderedbyowls.blogspot.com. Read about the Good Man Club personal ads, motorcycle accidents, skydiving, and Rupert, Queen of the Space Marines.

Boy, has it been a while. I haven't been working on music much lately, but in a couple of months, you'll start seeing new songs appearing on the Music page.

I'm getting closer to releasing "Equilibrium," but work has been going slowly due to the demands of work, other music projects, and motorcycle racing <evil grin>. I'll be putting up a page soon for pictures of shows, race days and other cool stuff.

I've been doing a lot of recording lately in preparation for the online release of my CD "Equilibrium". You can find all of my new stuff on the
music page, and I'll keep posting new songs as I complete them.
Some cool news: I've placed a couple of songs in the film "The Magic Hour," directed by Jon Raymond. You can read about the film online at
www.lafilmonline.com. The movie is expected to be released in 2006. "Get It On" and "Grassy Knoll" will definitely be in the film, and possibly another song as well.
I also joined
Taxi.com recently, and I'm hoping that I'll place some songs with music libraries as a result. If you're a professional musician and you don't know about Taxi, you need to check them out.
Thanks for visiting the site!